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PRIMARY APPLICATION: Link to carry audio signals to support sound FM radio narrowband broadcasting, for employment also on motor vehicles (both light and heavy), or installation with low environmental impact supplies by batteries or photovoltaic panels.
RADIO LINKS TOPICS: optimal price/performance ratio recognized worldwide.
AUDIO PERFORMANCE: low distortion and intermodulation values, combined with a high noise/signal ratio, provide high performance, which can be used both with microphones and Line-in providing all settings via easy rotary potentiometers front accessible.
HARDWARE FEATURES: extremely compact and indeformable thanks to their stainless steel chassis, ultralight in about 3,9kg.
WORKING FREQUENCIES: Available in no fewer than 6 bands 135÷185MHz, 215÷265MHz, 300÷350MHz, 430÷480MHz, 780÷885MHz and 890÷970MHz with frequency selectable in steps of 5kHz.
RELIABILITY/CONTINUITY: enhanced business continuity guaranteed in all working conditions through an APC automatic control and a Foldback protection.
USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: universal 80-260 V multi-voltage power supply enables operation on different mains voltages with no need to preselect voltage; the presence of an accessory connector, allows the working operation of equipment connected via battery, or other power source from 12VDC to 30VDC, without interruption. Pushbuttons for user/device interaction provide enhanced accessibility, resulting in extreme ease of use. Configuration software offers a simple, intuitive interface.
INTERFACE CONTROL: easy setting/control, by means of a userfriendly graphic interface on the front panel, all the diagnostic and control parameters are displayed (frequency, output power (URPT), measurements, etc…).

Technical Sheet