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From 23 febbraio to 15 aprile 2024


R.V.R. Elettronica, always committed to producing FM transmitters ranging from 4kW up to 50kW, antennas,
combiners and filters, all strictly "Made in Italy," is ready to unveil the new Hot Plug-in Next Gen high-power
series on the occasion of the Company's forty-fifth anniversary.
At the NAB in Las Vegas, in addition to the compact equipment series: BLUES, PTX, TEX, and TEX Next
Gen, it will be possible to experience firsthand the 10kW Hot Plug-in EPS transmitter, EPS standing for
"Extractable Power Supplies.”

Due to the increasingly common need for maintenance speed, minimized downtime and redundancy at
multiple points in the transmitter, R.V.R. has decided to engineer the power supply part by providing a drawer
of hot pluggable power supplies, with an additional empty slot for N+1 PSU configuration.
R.V.R. has opted to introduce a solution enabling the integration of power supplies from different brands to
meet client preferences, budget and operational needs in specific Countries.

In addition to the existing features available in the Hot Plug-in Standard Series below we outline key aspects
of the new 10kW Hot Plug-in EPS which will be available in catalogue from April 2024 in over 150 Countries
worldwide through our extensive network of distributors retailers and local agents.

• Each power supply “PS" can be removed or plugged without turning off the transmitter.
• With just 5 power supplies the transmitter is capable of generating 10kW power with ample margin.
• By installing the sixth PS, the transmitter will operate at full power in the event of a single PS failure
eliminating the need for derating.
• Each PS features an automatic magnetic switch preventing short circuits and ensuring uninterrupted signal
• The power stream generated by these PS are distributed in parallel to all RF modules; consequently if one
power supply fails all RF modules maintain balanced operation.
• The transmitter’s CCU oversee continuously the operational status of each individual power supply.
• In the event of a failure the "ECM" electronic control module will optimize the transmitter efficiency.
We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas from April 14th to 17th 2024 at booth W1953 to meet us in
person, discuss your next project and discover all the latest developments in the R.V.R. RF area.

Bologna, Italy

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