PJ-KPS-CA PLUG-IN SERIES Mid/high Power Hot Plug


from 3.000W to 60.000W.
Developed for the most demanding FM Radio Networks, this line of products has been conceived for all stations that needs to ensure broadcast continuity and simplify any maintenance operation. All hot pluggable transmitters exceed ETSI/CCIR/FCC standards on RF harmonics and spurious, performing high efficiency and ensuring the clients in investing in product with a high life span.

  • The most reliable FM broadcasting solution on the market designed for 24/7 non-stop operation.
  • Available in multiple configurations from 3.000W up to 60.000W.
  • Capable of Analog and Digital transmission depending on the configuration.
  • Reduced failure rate thanks to hot plug-in connectors replacing most of the classical wiring.
  • Over-dimensioned amplifiers modules.
  • In case of fail, the total power output will not go below -3dB.
  • Independent and hot-swap amplifier's modules.
  • Intelligent stand alone hot-swap fan arrays.
  • Overall efficiency up to 76% depending on the configuration.
  • N+1 Configuration available for 24/7 business continuity.
  • Built-in exciter's automatic or manual changeover.
  • Simplified maintenance: common spare parts on the entire series from 3.000W to 60.000W.
  • Tunable over the entire FM band 87.5 - 108 MHz, without tuning. Other bands on request.
  • Remote controls: WEB, SNMP2, GSM, Serial and Complete FM monitoring (option).
  • Exceeds ETSI/CCIR/FCC requirements regarding RF harmonics and RF spurious.
  • Compliance to IEC 215 safety standards.
  • Single phase or three phase power configuration.


  • Hot Plug-in modules available in 2.300W or 2.500W depending on system's configuration
  • Independent power supply per each amplifier's module.
  • Independent fan array per each amplifier's module.
  • Automatic Power Control.
  • Advanced protections against high VSWR, overdrive, overcurrent and overtemperature.
  • Ease of maintenance.


UP TO 12.500W

UP TO 32.000W

UP TO 60.000W

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