DIGITAL RADIO transmitters

DAB+ /DMB Digital Radio Transmitters

RVR Elettronica, which has always been committed to Digital Radio, already designed the Gold Video series in 2000, a line of transmitters with Teamcast cores that support current digital standards (DAB-DAB + / DMB). This historic family of devices has now been renewed with the DRT family which represents the state of the art.DAB+/DMB Transmitters 50W to 1.000W.Gold Video Family - Last generation DRT Serie.

  • Fully agile from 175 to 240 MHz without any adjustment. · 
  • Support MFN and SFN with integrated GPS Receiver. · 
  • Teamcast Modulator Core forthe highest modulation quality. · 
  • Rugged for stable operation, high MTBF and long life.· 
  • Output power range from 50W to 1 KW, other on request. · 
  • Linear and Adaptative precorrection (auto function). · 
  • Compact 19” standardt cabin : Gold Video 150W in 3 HE,   DRT 500W in 2 HE, 1000W in 4 HE.·
  • Optional SAT Receiver DVBS/ DVBS2. · 
  • High MER (typical 35 dB  @ full Output Power. · 
  • High Shoulders (typical 40 dB without Output Filter). · 
  • Linear and Adaptative precorrection (auto function). · 
  • RF Doherty Amplifier for maximum of Efficiency (only DTR). · 
  • Colour 3.5” Touch Screen for easy setting (only DTR). · 
  • SNMP2 Telemetry (only DTR). Innovative monitoring over Telegram(only DTR).·

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