Advanced Radio Data System dynamical encoder with SNMP V 2 control.


PRIMARY APPLICATION: the TRDS4002-LUXOR is a RDS encoder designed to support all popular services provided by UECP SPB490 including dynamic services like TMC, TDC, IH, EWS and RT+, and it uses fully digital technology to guarantee a very high quality of modulation and spectral purity.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: the TRDS4002-LUXOR is fully digital and it uses only high quality components like A/D and D/A converters at 24 bit and numerical processing at 32 bit. Using the WINRDS+ software you can assign station and apparatus codes in order to be able to selectively program any
TRDS4002-LUXOR remotely such as satellite, LAN or Internet. The firmware can be updated via serial port without need for hardware settings and without interruption of service.

INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE: it can integrate an advanced BYPASS system between MPX input and outputs that ensure the service also in the event of failures (version TRDS4002-LUXOR-C).

HARDWARE FEATURES: the system housed in lightweight and rugged stainless steel rack cases having the dimension of 1 HE.

  • Fully support of all RDS services, Static and Dynamic. 
  • RDS encoder fully compliant with UECP EBU SPB490 v7.05, CENELEC ( uropa) and NRSC (America). 
  • UEPC Ports (2 Serials, 4 TCPIP, 4 UDP). 
  • N. 8 Data Set. and 10 EON + Main PS for each Data Set. 
  • Integrated RDS decoder. 
  • Dataset switch managed by UECP/SNMP/REST/HTTP/ASCII PARSER/TXT FILE/GPI. 
  • Can get autonomously data from the Radio Automation Systems (PS/RT/RT+/TA/MS). 
  • Easy RDS page fast setup. 
  • RDS Groups data analyser. 
  • Ethernet/USB/RS232/GPIO connections and easy WiFi Access. 
  • Possibility to send email to 4 receivers and to set 3 different SMPT servers. SNMP V2c. 
  • Possibility to set up to 3 NTP Servers (V1, V2, V3, V4). 
  • IPV4 and IPV6 support (3 addresses IPV4 and 3 addresses IPV6). 
  • N°2 RS232 for UECP commands. 
  • 6 GPI and 4 Relay Out (all GPIO are fully programmable by the GUI). 
  • HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, UDP, TCP support. 
  • Alarms via : TRAP (SNMP), email (SMTP), GPO, HTTP. 
  • External GPS support (Time, Date and Geolocation). 
  • uSD Card for clone function, for maintenance and easy replace of a faulty unit. 
  • Logs 24/7 with export function. 
  • 6 levels of right access managment. 
  • Multi-user contemporary access. 
  • Import and export configurations function. 
  • Multi-user contemporary access.

Parameter U.M.ValueNotes
Operating temperature  From -10°C to +50°C 
Operating humidity %95Non condensing
A/D & D/A conversion  24 bit 
DSP Elaboration  32 bit, fixed point 
RDS functionEN50067 PTY, PTYN, TA, TP, MS, DI, PI, PS, AF, PIN, EON, RT, TDC, IMC, EWS, IH, CT 
 Command formats UECP – SPB490 Ver.6.1 / 2003 
 Frequency 57 kHz ± 1,5 Hz(Internal/external reference)
 57 kHz carrier attenuationdBØ  75 
 Phase 57 kHz Adjustable up to 360° in 0,33° increments 
 Out of band emissiondBØ  100 
AC Power inputAC Supply voltage 115 /230 VAC ± 10% 
 Connector VDE IEC Standard 
Overall dimensionsL x H x Wmm /inch483 / 19EIA Rack
  mm /inch44 / 3 1/21HE
Weight kgAbout 3,5 
MPXConnector BNCUnbalanced (female)
 Impedancek Ω10 
 Input level Gain 0dB / Max. +20 dBu 
PILOTConnector BNCUnbalanced (female)
 Impedancek Ω10 
 Input level Gain 0dB / Max. +20 dBu(Sinusoid. or TTL)
1&2Connector BNCUnbalanced (male)
 Output level +20 dBu Adjustable via software
RS232 Serial portConnector 3x DB9 (female) 
 Connection rate From 1200 to 115200 baud 8, N, 1 
Remote InputConnector DB25 (male): 8 input + 8 output (optional) 
EthernetConnector RJ45 (female): WEB & SNMP v.1.0 (optional) SNMP V2.C (TRDSP-4002-LUXOR-D) 
WEB Server  Built in for TRDS4002-LUXOR-D 

The image of this layout is purely demonstrative and may change without notice.


  • TRDS4002-LUXOR-D
    Advanced Radio Data System dynamical encoder with SNMP V 2 control.

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